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15 December 2010

Delinquent Student

Granted, I'm drawing money from the national treasury of France for my graduate studies since Université de Paris 3 and the French embassy here in Manila are shouldering my tuition fee. I should reciprocate with 100% goodwill which comprises of doing what they're asking me to do - study.

And I am. I've just converted those horridly unmanageable html course materials into PDF's and copied them to my new iPod touch 4g to be read using iBooks. It's supposed to compel me to read even while I'm commuting to and from the office. I'm a good girl. Really.

But I just can't seem to get enough of my new baby - I find myself pleasantly distracted with its retina display screen from Analyse des interactions; it's that magnificent! It's like the whole screen isn't even LCD. More of like a photo finished printed picture taken by a DSLR, it's that crisp! And now I've just discovered how to take a screenshot of well, this drool-worthy screen.

13 December 2010

Happy Podder

When a door closes, windows open. Or in my case, when a door becomes almost impossible to shut close due to a massive overflow of reading materials to read for graduate studies, I've found recently that windows do open to give me a breather.

Color this hackintosher pleased with an early Christmas present:

iPod touch 4th gen 32 GB.

Oh you all know too well the specs. And yes, it does make me less bitter for lacking an iPhone in my life.

I can survive on feasting on this yummy gadget until a real Mac comes =)

06 December 2010

Team Party (of Geeks)

Well it's no secret that I work as a French translator but what most people may not already know is that the company I work for is an I.T. company. We're in the business of developing ERP software and other related productive suites and derivative application solutions. What that means is that my workplace is a geek-friendly place - that is if your definition of a "geek" is as simple as "someone who knows programming".

Which, admittedly, is a bad definition. Not at all depicting the real deal. But then I'm no programmer so there. Anyway, following a company-wide Christmas party (a masquerade party - nothing big, everyone brought masks along with them and so that's it, so we think), we decided to have a smaller party involving only the EMEA team. (I'm their French translator, France is still in EMEA last time I checked). Lunch at a local restaurant: North Park.

And since we're a bunch of geeks - a happy bunch of geeks, if I may add - it's no surprise that someone would actually think of giving this for an exchange of gifts:

02 December 2010


Even though I'm no longer wildly in love with my MSI Wind U100, as a geek, I just couldn't let it sit there in the living room with only 10.6.4 when 10.6.5 is already out. So in short, after updating my HP Mini MacBook Pro 311 and making sure things are as sweet as a nut, I took the effort and time off in between catching up with my readings for my Sorbonne subjects (it's an on-line program, so basically I'm doing two M.A. programs right now, one from the University of the Philippines Diliman and one from Université de Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle). Now my two hackintoshes are once again equally bleeding edge when it came to updates.

What I thought was sing-song with the MSI Wind actually proved to be not so enticing after a few days with 10.6.5. The main issue:

20 November 2010

Office:mac 11 Update 14.0.1

Maybe this update has been available for quite a while now but I only saw or rather chose to notice it today. Motivation to finish up reading on "D5O26 - Analyse des interactions - Cours 2" is running low and my wavering attention was finally snatched away from the academe by the Microsoft Office Updater.

18 November 2010


Today I bought my Mini MacBook Pro with me to the office. Or rather, I smuggled it inside the company premises inside a nondescript envelope and thankfully the security guard at the door didn't suspect anything. FYI, we're not allowed to bring in laptops and DSLR cameras. For other gadget necessities like cellphones and iPods, we get a gatepass for them every start of the year.

15 November 2010

iPhoto '11 Sluggish On the HP Mini 311

Since upgrading to iLife '11, I've been seeing more beach balls than I'm accustomed to in my whole HP Mini 311 hackintosh journey.

14 November 2010


I just saw this posted at a local PC buy and sell forum which is quite reputable here in the Philippines. At last the new MacBook Airs are beginning to get mainstream; meaning we now get to have other price options than the standard Php 51,9990 tag price endorsed by Apple premium sellers. And who won't be happy to see that the base config 11" MacBook Air can be had at Php 45,700 which though exorbitant compared to PC ultraportable contemporaries, is still more consumer-friendly than the aforementioned Apple suggested retail price.

But then, look at 13" MacBook Pro's price tag: Php 56,000 instead of the normal Php 61,990. It has 4GB RAM and well, it's a MacBook Pro.

12 November 2010

Busy Weekend

Last night, I just got stuck in the worst traffic jam in the history of my life! I was on a bus, on my way home and excited to get to my Mini 311 but the entire universe seemed to conspire against me and I came home at past 8:00 PM instead of 6:00 PM. And that's after walking a good kilometer or so and passing by the root of this disaster: an electrical post suspended at a 45 degree angle from the ground. It fell down for some reason and only 1/3 of the road was still clear for passing through. I joined the walking throng of men, women, children who got fed up with waiting and decided it was better trying to gain the next town on foot for fear of spending the entire night in their cars, jeepneys, buses and what not.

10 November 2010

HTC Wildfire = Envious Not-So-Hackintosh-Noob

One of my officemates who also happens to be one of my lunch buddies just came home fresh from a family vacay in Singapore. Aside from the fact that I haven't set foot on that tech gadgetry gold mine of an island whose water supply system uses recycled water to quench its citizens' thirst, I'm envious of one other thing:

Makes Me Miss My Hackintosh

I'm supposed to have a voice chat with a new Japanese friend - my aunt tutors her in English but she studies French as her major in a university in Japan (I don't know which uni just as yet). So I got me a generic A4Tech headset, an HS-7P so says the packaging, for around $8. Not bad. I thought I could use the opportunity to brush up on my spoken French as well - it's weird that my confidence in speaking the language comes out only on DALF exams and I don't have the luxury of waiting for the exam periods nor the money to shell out for registration. 

I am saving for a real Mac. And who knows maybe this stint (of teaching a japonaise some French) could earn me some moolah to add to my funds?

And so I was pretty excited this morning but all that vanished in the instant Skype call test didn't return my cat-crooning vocal exercise because it turned out that my mic wasn't working.

Off I went to check Device Manager (Uh-huh, I'm doing this on my work PC, model employee, aren't I?) only to find this shoved at my face:

08 November 2010

Battery, Oh Battery !

Ok, so my D-group's discussion topic's title was "Martha, Oh Martha!" and I'm guilty of copying that. But I didn't mean no harm and with the recent plagiarism fandango with the Supreme Court, my hands are clear of the accusation. If I even have a correct notion of plagiarism.

But enough of that and let's move on to a more scrupulous (to use this favorite adjective of Filipino ex-military-turned-politicians, there are quite a ton of them) matter with my make-do MacBook.

You see, I've installed Coconut Battery and here's where things run pell-mell:

According to the screenshot above, my HP Mini 311's battery has deteriorated. Normal, you'd say since it's what's expected of a machine that's soon to turn one before this year ends. I know that and that's not what I find intriguing.

After the Lengthy (and Expensive) Journey

The image above reads as: EeePC 701, EeePC 900A, MSI Wind U100, HP Mini 1001TU, and last (I certainly do hope it is the last) HP Mini 311-1002TU.