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06 December 2010

Team Party (of Geeks)

Well it's no secret that I work as a French translator but what most people may not already know is that the company I work for is an I.T. company. We're in the business of developing ERP software and other related productive suites and derivative application solutions. What that means is that my workplace is a geek-friendly place - that is if your definition of a "geek" is as simple as "someone who knows programming".

Which, admittedly, is a bad definition. Not at all depicting the real deal. But then I'm no programmer so there. Anyway, following a company-wide Christmas party (a masquerade party - nothing big, everyone brought masks along with them and so that's it, so we think), we decided to have a smaller party involving only the EMEA team. (I'm their French translator, France is still in EMEA last time I checked). Lunch at a local restaurant: North Park.

And since we're a bunch of geeks - a happy bunch of geeks, if I may add - it's no surprise that someone would actually think of giving this for an exchange of gifts:

Yep, it's from CD-R King. In fact, almost half of the presents came from CD-R King. It's a geeky store for geeky (and sometimes weird stuff - like a USB powered chiller for a coke in can) and I guess we all love it. I bought a 2 GB micro-SD card with a mini SD card adaptor. Unfortunately, the person who got it didn't have any immediate use for it.

I still can taste that noodles-with-lotsa-mushroom-dish in my mouth. I'm feeling too Chinese. Not so good - right now I'm trying to wash it down with instant coffee. I wish I mustered up the nerve to get a swig at this drink:

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