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12 November 2010

Busy Weekend

Last night, I just got stuck in the worst traffic jam in the history of my life! I was on a bus, on my way home and excited to get to my Mini 311 but the entire universe seemed to conspire against me and I came home at past 8:00 PM instead of 6:00 PM. And that's after walking a good kilometer or so and passing by the root of this disaster: an electrical post suspended at a 45 degree angle from the ground. It fell down for some reason and only 1/3 of the road was still clear for passing through. I joined the walking throng of men, women, children who got fed up with waiting and decided it was better trying to gain the next town on foot for fear of spending the entire night in their cars, jeepneys, buses and what not.

In short, I'm still thankful that I got home still. And when I finished half of the pizza and two chockfull plates of spaghetti, I was energized enough to commence with my geek to-do list for the weekend. But when I fired up our hackintosh at home (the MSI Wind U100 turned nettop), I discovered that our net connection wasn't up and running.

Good thing I downloaded the 10.6.5 combo updater last Thursday at the office. Everything went well - aside from some "Failed to install" messages (I was watching a video and it was taxing the system with a VLC player rendered unresponsive by it, a restart did the trick) - no kernel panics. The HP Mini 311, running on Retail Pack 1.0, obediently restarted and booted back into my familiar desktop fine - sans le moindre souci alors. I was living a rosy life!

Could that be a preview for me, a hint to the future, the same smooth update experience I'd get from a real Mac? I'd like to think that's it.

But on with life - I've got to get going in a while; another semester for my M.A. has just started and it's our first class meeting this afternoon.

After that, I'll work more on Kappy's installer and hope to have something substantial with which to update My MacBook Mini with.

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