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08 November 2010

Battery, Oh Battery !

Ok, so my D-group's discussion topic's title was "Martha, Oh Martha!" and I'm guilty of copying that. But I didn't mean no harm and with the recent plagiarism fandango with the Supreme Court, my hands are clear of the accusation. If I even have a correct notion of plagiarism.

But enough of that and let's move on to a more scrupulous (to use this favorite adjective of Filipino ex-military-turned-politicians, there are quite a ton of them) matter with my make-do MacBook.

You see, I've installed Coconut Battery and here's where things run pell-mell:

According to the screenshot above, my HP Mini 311's battery has deteriorated. Normal, you'd say since it's what's expected of a machine that's soon to turn one before this year ends. I know that and that's not what I find intriguing.

Notice that "Original Battery Capacity" says "5100 mAh". I checked my unit's battery and it says there "4910 mAh". That's a difference of 190 mAh.

Whatever. I should be thankful that Snow Leopard knows my 311 has a battery. But the sometimes it still forgets and I get this:

And when the batt icon is in this state, the HP Mini 311 cannot be put to sleep.

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  1. I also placed this program, but besides values (- 1) it nothing shows… (