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20 November 2010

Office:mac 11 Update 14.0.1

Maybe this update has been available for quite a while now but I only saw or rather chose to notice it today. Motivation to finish up reading on "D5O26 - Analyse des interactions - Cours 2" is running low and my wavering attention was finally snatched away from the academe by the Microsoft Office Updater.

Actually I'm not sure what that application's exact name is. All I know is that it's a nuisance as it imposes itself on my Dock and obliges me to pay attention to it.

You can download from Microsoft here.

It's a hefty download of 116 MB as a .dmg. Is it just me or are Mac applications and their updates are just really this huge in terms of filesize? Peu importe.

On a more "whimsical" note - for a lack of a better adjective - there's this CD icon that appears when the .dmg file is mounted which I find really nostalgic. Microsoft still hasn't let go of its pet peeve the optical disc and a CD (Compact Disc) at that! I'm clearly nitpicking here but hey, this is an update - not the installation files for the office suite itself which can still exist as actual CD's or DVD's in shrink-wrapped boxes that can be had from brick and mortar stores. But an update is, well, mostly downloaded these days...

Oh yeah, I forgot, Microsoft offers sending via mail their updates and in CD's too.

My bad. Sorry MS!

I wonder if this new update will make me use Word more? I'm pretty happy with TextEdit for casual word processing on OS X, with some exceptions of times when I reach out for Pages '09 for a wee bit more complicated page formatting.

It's only on Windows, i.e. my work PC, that I use Word. But then perhaps when I finally get to write those scary papers for my Sorbonne Nouvelle subjects (they require .doc and have a document template for us students to use), I'll be spending more time with Office:mac 11. Glad it starts up faster than '08 but still not as fast as a simple text editor.

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