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10 November 2010

HTC Wildfire = Envious Not-So-Hackintosh-Noob

One of my officemates who also happens to be one of my lunch buddies just came home fresh from a family vacay in Singapore. Aside from the fact that I haven't set foot on that tech gadgetry gold mine of an island whose water supply system uses recycled water to quench its citizens' thirst, I'm envious of one other thing:

Uh-huh, there he joined the rest of the gang during lunch carrying this little baby on his person. And when he swished it out of his jean pocket, the geek in me just couldn't help it but reach out - reach out to hopefully get a chance at cradling this little Android-stuffed touch screen phone.

I liked the thinness of it. The prospect that it's an Android device is just oh so tantalizing.

But then I don't reckon I liked seeing those separate pixels on the screen - the grid was distinct. Maybe it's because of my new eye glasses that I wore at that time that acted sort of as a microscope?

Somehow, though I'm very much sick and tired of my Nokia 5530, I think its screen is a bit better than the HTC Wildfire's. I know it's weird to say that. And I can't find the right words to explain that. Well, let me see; I think looking at the Wildfire's screen was to me, uncannily similar to gazing at my workstation's LCD - those pixel boxes, rows and columns of them that my eyes could very well distinguish - that's their common ground!

Clearly not a match for the iPhone 4's retina display. Which reminds me that my much anticipated iPod touch 4th gen also rocks that retina display (not IPS though)! Excited!

I wonder if there would be an Apple Peel 520 version compatible to the iPod touch 4th gen's form factor (and iOS version as well)? I don't think so; the normal Apple Peel 520 is vapor ware just as yet in that nobody else, aside from the blog reviewers, have received their order and no consumer review or more aptly called "real proof of concept" is available to confirm the veracity of this wonder iPod accessory.

Maybe if that Apple Peel 520 were indeed released and that I could get one that's compatible with my new (upcoming) iPod touch, the geek envy wouldn't be as strong as it is now.

Must. Resist. Temptation.

Must. Save. For. A. Mac.

But I really despise my Nokia 5530!!!! T_T


  1. That's the same problem for me! XD
    I have a HTC Touch Diamond since almost 3 years and I'm really tired with this device, because even if I've done millions of tests with different Windows Mobile ROM's, I'd like to have a capacitive touchscreen (not resistive like the Diamond), a 3.2 inch screen (at least!), and a faster processor (at least 600Mhz VS the 500Mhz of Diamond which is really slow).
    All in a compact size.
    I've already discarded HTC wildfire beacuse it has almost the same hardware of my 3-years-old Diamond! Apart from Android.
    iPhone 4 would be the big deal! But it's too much expensive and for us, who wants to save money for a real Mac, it's not the right choice! :)

  2. Yeah, I think the iPhone 4's way out my league. Is the Wildfire capacitive or resistive? I couldn't be sure...

    I'm hoping to pacify this iOS craving via the iPod touch. XD

  3. Wildfire has a capacitive touch screen, of course! :)
    Maybe you should have a look at the upcoming HTC Gratia for Europe, which it has the same look and feel of the HD Mini, but with Android 2.2 inside!
    It'll be in 2 colors: all black or black&white!
    But it's priced about 399€... :(
    600Mhz processor, 512mb rom, 384mb ram, 5mpx camera (without flash).
    And yep, the iPod Touch 4G is a very very good device! I like it, but I already have an iPod Touch 2G... :P