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02 December 2010


Even though I'm no longer wildly in love with my MSI Wind U100, as a geek, I just couldn't let it sit there in the living room with only 10.6.4 when 10.6.5 is already out. So in short, after updating my HP Mini MacBook Pro 311 and making sure things are as sweet as a nut, I took the effort and time off in between catching up with my readings for my Sorbonne subjects (it's an on-line program, so basically I'm doing two M.A. programs right now, one from the University of the Philippines Diliman and one from Universit√© de Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle). Now my two hackintoshes are once again equally bleeding edge when it came to updates.

What I thought was sing-song with the MSI Wind actually proved to be not so enticing after a few days with 10.6.5. The main issue:
Once the system goes to sleep, when it wakes up again, it's frozen. No cursor movement, no keyboard response - nada, rien, zilch. I have to force it to shutdown and turn it on again to be able to resume my work which I remember is gonna lost to me forever because I didn't get the chance to save things when the freezing happened.

Right now, because of lack of real interest in the hackintosh welfare of the MSI Wind and also for lack of precious time (really? then why I'm blogging when I'm supposed to be up on my eyes with stuff to do? :-p ), I settled for a quick and easy temporary-permanent solution: Caffeine.

I had the app included in my user account's, as well as my mom and dad's login items so they wouldn't have to scream tech support - which is composed of yours truly - should they ignore the Wind long enough during use for it to go to sleep.

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