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15 November 2010

iPhoto '11 Sluggish On the HP Mini 311

Since upgrading to iLife '11, I've been seeing more beach balls than I'm accustomed to in my whole HP Mini 311 hackintosh journey.

Using iPhoto '11 in full screen mode, though touted by Steve Jobs as its main attraction, is for me a proven source of distraction, and to some extent frustration, when doing casual photo editing. And when I say casual, I mean just some cropping and sepia color tone application routines.

The netbook is of course hindered by its measly Atom N280 processor and I know I shouldn't expect too much. But perhaps I'm pushing this little wonderful machine way beyond its limitations.

1 comment:

  1. I think my Mini works great as a Mac netbook but I don't expect it to do much heavy-lifting. I built a desktop to do it and the emphasis was on inexpensive. It has become invaluable to me as multiple drives can be attached to it.

    I do hope your quest for a real Mac comes to fruition. I would definitely go with the MBP. The Macs I own are a iBook G4 and a G4 tower.