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24 November 2010

Finally Saw the 11" MacBook Air in Person

I finally was able to able see this wonderful piece of gadgetry up close!

It's been a few days over a month when Steve Jobs unveiled the latest incarnation of the MacBook Air - in two forms actually as we know: 11" and 13". And this is only the first time that concept became proof for a third world tech/gadget addict woman like me.

And all those youtube unboxing videos were right; the new MBA is ridiculously thin!

In the instant I felt my palms against the cold aluminum casing and admittedly a tad apprehensive in the second or two that I brushed my thumb along the edge, feeling that "notch" to open the lid up (I had closed it lift the notebook up to get a feel of its almost non-existent weight) - was I gonna discover a cut on my thumb from the close encounter with the MacBook Air's lid?

This could be the worst description I could ever write in my entire life of blogging: when I help the closed 11" MacBook Air, I felt like I was holding a small serving tray of coffee for example - empty of course. How positively ephemeral this thing was as I stared at it. Maybe it was that seductive glow of the Apple logo which suddenly felt big against the diminutive dimensions of the lid's shell.

Though my hypocritical decision not to take pictures of the MBA at iStudio, using my cellphone should be faulted for the blandness of this blogpost, I left the store starstruck with the gadget. I even thought those proprietary torx screws at the back of the unit very aesthetically pleasing! Jony Ive, your sexiness indeed does transcend through this specific product.

The next day, during lunch with my office lunchmates of course, I announced that I have seen the little critter but I guess infatuation could not last. Ever. I still couldn't completely eradicate the 13" MacBook Pro from the equation. I still think that between the 11" MBA and the 13" MBP, the former was still more "looks over substance".

Well the prospect of getting an MBP and getting to keep my Mini 311 at the same is a very alluring idea. :D

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  1. I recently saw the lineup: 11" MBA, 13" MBA, 13" MBP. I spent about 5 minutes on each. They all had the same "Mac experience". The MBA is certainly seductive but the consequence is that it lacks features from the MBP. Maybe I'm too old-school. I'm sure the MBA will be a success.