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11 November 2010

Toshiba 8GB USB Flashdrive = Software Restore USB à la MBA

So last time I told you about my (on-going) disappointment with my work PC about its stupid audio driver issue with Windows 7 - remember that I bought that A4Tech headset? Uh-huh. Guess what?
I decided to drop a new candy into my shopping cart for my tech-lustful soul.

Tada! Toshiba 8GB USB flashdrive :D

At last an 8GB USB flashdrive! Believe it or not, I've never experienced creating a real USB flashdrive installer despite all those how-to guides I've been churning all year long for people to create. Instead, I've been using an old 20GB 2.5" IDE hard drive that I've plucked out of an aging laptop (one of my first lappies, a Samsung Sens Q10).

It served very well as pseudo flashdrive once shoved inside an IDE external case with USB connection. The first time I wrote the guides, I surmised an external USB 2.5" hard drive and a real flash drive can be handled in the same method. And it worked just as I thought with the single exception though of the 2.5" hard drive, being a real hard drive, to have that hidden 200 partition which can be turned into EFI partition under GPT, whereas the USB flashdrive does not.
This time, I think my Mini MacBook Pro should also have that "Software Restore USB" that the new MacBook Air boasts of. It won't be as thin and white as wafer that you dunk in your afternoon tea; in fact mine will be quite chunky and black and with that not so graceful sliding clear cap (that I might lose as well one of these days). But then it would just be perfect for little ol' Mini MacBook Pro, I'm sure.

But before that I'm giving myself some HP MIE tour this Friday night and see what that gives us - haha, that's a Frenchisme (is that right?) for "ce que ça donne"! LOL! I've downloaded the MIE image while at work (Employee Code of Conduct?!?) and am intrigued how the whole Linux thing works - another officemate of mine got a HP Pavilion dm1z and the thing, according to him, dual-boots an "instant-on Linux OS" alongside Windows 7 (Home Edition I think).

And then, logically, I should do more tests on Kappy's installer. And then proceed with 10.6.5 update.

Nah. I'll just skip everything and jump directly to 10.6.5 update. :D

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