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01 February 2011

Some Android Lovin'

So, given that my aunt in the US took care of granting my iPod touch 4gen wish, what happened to the budget I was allotting for that gadget?

Nope, to my Mac fund it did not go.

My cousin was fretting because her mom, which is my aunt, bought me the iPod touch for Christmas and when she saw me using it to snap up some (crappy) pics during the holiday family gathering and then uploading them to Facebook before she could come over to where I stood to inspect her mugshot, the wonders of touchscreen finally dawned upon her.

She's very envious about the iPod touch but since it's not a phone, she didn't actually ask her mom to go get her one. (FYI, my cousin's already 33 or something and her definition of high-tech is comprised mainly of the latest Nokia cellphones if not the latest iPhone). She'd rather have an iPhone 4 but since my aunt is not into that kind of thing - and I think she's on Verizon in the US not AT&T (and iPhone on Verizon happened just recently) - no amount of cajoling could get her to bother with the trouble of changing carrier to get Stevie J's phone.

So cutting the long fairytale short, after our New Year's dinner, I dangled my Nokia 5530 in front of my dear cousin's nose while we were picking out songs on the karaoke machine and what d'you know? She said she wanted it. And I got a reason to buy a new cellphone! :D

Fast forward to last Saturday, January 29th, after getting off my M.A. class (this is the local Masters program I'm pursuing from UP Diliman), I dropped by a near mall and after some inquiries about price and color availability, I got me this phone:

An LG Optimus One (P500). To be precise, a red LG Optimus One (P500) Android smartphone a.k.a LG Optimus S in the US.
I'm quite surprised that a smartphone could come packaged in such a tiny box. Now that, I'm comparing with my Nokia 5530 sales package experience. 
I'd say kudos to LG for opting to reduce things to the bare minimum with the packaging - only the essentials. Box and cellphone not differing much in size?
Ooops, didn't mean to give you vertigo with the upside down orientation. Don't you just love that little green Android robot? He seems really friendly.

Remember my HTC Wildfire envy some time ago? Obviously, that's been cured.

My Nokia 5530's now all reset and ready to get my cousin's hands. I'm very good with taking care of my gadgets, so aside from the scratches on the film of the screen protector (which is not even a part of the phone itself, if you wanna be technical about it), she's getting a flawless phone.

And why did I choose the Optimus One and not the Wildfire? I'd rather chalk it up to the better specs, excluding the camera resolution of course in which area the Wildfire trumps over the Optimus One. But then, I guess, I'm gonna choose to be honest in the end; I've been recently hooked to a Korean drama:
Now you know why it had to be a red LG Optimus One.
Hehehe :D

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