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05 January 2011

Yet Another "Ultimate Hackintosh" Contender?

This is the first that I'll admit I was one of those people who turned (very, very) green with envy and then (very, very) bitter after learning that the Google Cr-48 pilot program was possible only for people living in the US. Not that I was born with super human powers to make sure, had I been living in the US at the time of the project launching, that the odds of my name being picked out by Google people came close to 100% positive.

Fast forward to some time after the said privileged people received their Google cloud computing devices. The minute I saw the 12-incher on youtube vids - some with (very, very) crappy video quality, some good enough, and some ready to blow up my measly 1Mb DSL connection at home, they're that super HD quality - I thought of what any self-respecting hackintosher (or hackintosher-wannabe) in this planent would undoubtedly think of:

I wonder how Mac OS X Snow Leopard would run on this little beast?
And then I got news from the Université de Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle that I needed to haul my ass off the computer chair and slave away with 4 subjects for their Diplôme Universitaire - Enseignement Complément en Didactique du Français langue étrangère et seconde or most commonly known as, and following that distinctly (weird sounding, in my personal opinion) French acronym convention, DU ECDF.

So burried in my academic Neanderthal cave, the tech-world continued to revolve; the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project thread at InsanelyMac exploded with Neanderthals like me, oh, I'm sorry, Homo Sapiens Sapiens (they're that much more evolved than yours sincerely, a fledgling n00b), victimized by this so-called "misunderstanding" - I knew Neanderthals (me included) don't have to feel that much deprived of civilization ;-). But the most relevant happening is that, during that time, somebody has runaway with the question above and ta-da!!!

Mac OS X Snow Leopard running, albeit not as beautifully just as yet as the HP Mini 311 runs it, on a Google Cr-48 laptop.

And I as Cult Of Mac puts it, it does really look like Black MacBook incarnate.

So aside from this "news" that coaxed me out of my "brainiac" seclusion and loving my still unjailbroken iPod touch 4g (for which I did some minor damage to my financial plan for 2011 after getting yet another case for it - red this time), this Neanderthal is going back inside her cave to tackle some Grammaire et enseignement reading.

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  1. If it is any solace, I felt bad about the exchange that occurred on your thread. But on a lighter note, may I be so bold as to suggest a site to check out for jailbreaking info? It's Sull does a nice job with his repo. The people there seem friendly and somewhat deranged. Just my kind of place.